PAS - Permit Administration System

A world leading plant access and permit system that …

Delivers optimal lockout/tagout protection


ArrowLockout/tagout Benefits

  • Fully integrated, computer-based lockout/tagout system that helps eliminate human error and reduce potential for industrial accidents
  • Lockout/tagout and tagout-only sites protected by comprehensive and rigorous cross referencing to prevent isolation conflicts

  • PAS tags designed to survive harsh environments

  • Isolation verification and auditing for added safety



Lockout/tagout protects your personnel and plant from injury and accident by ensuring that plant is properly isolated during maintenance and shutdown. But lockout/tagout procedures are only as good as the system used to manage them.

PAS is a world-class permit to work system that supports plant isolation and work clearance needs for lockout/tagout and tagout-only. The detailed step functionality of PAS significantly reduces the risk of human error in the application and restoration of isolations.



Tagout-only sites are protected by PAS’s comprehensive and rigorous cross referencing that prevents isolation conflicts from occurring. PAS tags are produced on highly durable media that are robust enough to withstand even the harshest industrial environment. The isolation check list provides the necessary detail for the isolating officer to perform the isolations safely, while PAS’s isolation verification process confirms that each isolation has been completed.


Operations requiring lockout can have a lock box associated with a permit during the planning stage or at the time of issue. PAS tags and isolation checklist support the lockout process as thoroughly as it supports tagout procedures. Personal locks can also be recorded in the personnel register if required.

ArrowIsolation Lists

PAS delivers safety and efficiency in lockout/tagout and permit planning. Pre-planned standard isolation lists provide safe, rapid access to carefully prepared and planned isolations for specific plant items.   The creation and maintenance of these controlled documents is limited to authorized personnel.


The cross-checking of complex relationships of plant and isolations against other permits ensures dangerous circumstances are anticipated and avoided while work is being conducted. PAS automatically alerts your personnel to any dangers that exist throughout the permit process.

ArrowIsolation Management

Large outages can require many hundreds of isolations. PAS significantly improves the accuracy and manageability of large work scopes and outages and maximises plant availability by using Master Isolation Statements and Outage Management facilities to reduce the time taken to both isolate and restore plant.  Minimizing the return to service time can result in significant improvements in plant availability.


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